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Beliefs, Perceptions, and Behaviors Regarding Chronic Respiratory Diseases of Roma in Crete, Greece: A Qualitative FRESH AIR Study

Marilena Anastasaki, Egid M. van Bree, Evelyn A. Brakema, Ioanna Tsiligianni1, Dimitra Sifaki-Pistolla1, Vasiliki E. Chatzea1, Matty C. Crone, Andreas Karelis1, Rianne M. J. J. van der Kleij, Charlotte C. Poot, Ria Reis, Niels H. Chavannes and Christos Lionis1on behalf of the FRESH AIR collaborators

Study Protocol for the Development of a European eHealth Platform to Improve Quality of Life in Individuals With Huntington's Disease and Their Partners (HD-eHelp Study): A User-Centered Design Approach.

Pearl J. C. van Lonkhuizen, Niko J. H. Vegt, Eline Meijer, Erik van Duijn, Susanne T. de Bot, Jirí Klempí, Wiebke Frank, G. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer, Alzbeta Mühlbäck, Jennifer Hoblyn, Ferdinando Squitieri, Peter Foley, Niels H. Chavannes, Anne-Wil Heemskerk.

A critical appraisal of five widely used eHealth applications for primary care – opportunities and challenges.

Marise Kasteleyn, Anke Versluis, Petra van Peet, Ulrik Bak Kirk, Jens van Dalfsen, Eline Meijer, Persijn Honkoop, Kendall Ho, Niels Chavannes & Esther Talboom-Kamp

Attitudes Toward Health, Healthcare, and eHealth of People With a Low Socioeconomic Status: A Community-Based Participatory Approach.

Jasper S. Faber, Asra Al-Dhahir, Thomas Reijnders, Niels H. Chavannes, Andrea M.W. Evers, Jos J. Kraal, H.J.G. van den Berg-Emons, Valentijn T. Visch.

The Challenge of Integrating eHealth Into Health Care:Systematic Literature Review of the Donabedian Model of Structure, Process, and Outcome

Rosian Tossaint-Schoenmakers MSc, Anke Versluis MSc, PhD, Niels Chavannes MD, PhD, Esther Talboom-Kamp, MD, MBA, PhD, Marise Kasteleyn MSc, PhD. .

eHealth in geriatric rehabilitation: a systematic review of effectiveness, feasibility and usability.

Jules Jaques Marie Kraaijkamp, Eléonore F van Dam van Isselt, Anke Persoon, Anke Versluis, Niels H. Chavannes, Wilco P Achterberg.

Systematic development of an mHealth app to prevent healthcare-associated infections by involving patients: ‘Participatient’.

Robbert G. Bentvelsen, Rosalie van der Vaart, Karin Ellen Veldkamp, Niels H. Chavannes.

A national program to support self-management for patients with a chronic condition in primary care: A social return on investment analysis

Esther Talboom-Kamp, Pim Ketelaar, Anke Versluis..

Short message services interventions for chronic disease management: A systematic review

Martha Chioma Ebuenyi, Kyma Schnoor, Anke Versluis, Eline Meijer, Niels H. Chanvannes. .

Home-monitoring reduced short stay admissions in suspected COVID-19 patients: COVID-box project

Ebru Dirikgil, Rick Roos, Geert H. Groeneveld, Christian Heringhaus, Annemiek V. Silven, Annelieke H.J. Petrus, Maria Villalobos-Quesada, Roula Tsonaka, Paul J.M. van der Boog, Ton J. Rabelink, Willem Jan W. Bos, Niels H. Chavannes, Douwe E. Atsma, Y.K. Onno Teng. . .