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Improving the colorectal cancer care pathway via e‑health: a qualitative study among Dutch healthcare providers and managers

How to use participatory design to develop an eHealth intervention to reduce preprocedural stress and anxiety among children visiting the hospital: The Hospital Hero app multi-study and pilot report

Charlotte Poot, Eline Meijer, Annet Bruil, Melanie Venema, Niko J.H. Vegt, Nicole Donkel, Veronique van Noort, Niels H. Chavannes and Arno A.W. Roest

Assessment of Clinical Information Quality in Digital Health Technologies: International eDelphi Study

Kayode Philip Fadahunsi, Petra A Wark , Nikolaos Mastellos, Ana Luisa Neves, Joseph Gallagher, Azeem Majeed, Andrew Webster, Anthony Smith, Brian Choo-Kang, Catherine Leon, Christopher Edwards, Conor O'Shea, Elizabeth Heitz, Olamide Valentine Kayode,  Makeba Nash, Martin Kowalski, Mateen Jiwani, Michael Edmund O'Callaghan, Nabil Zary, Nicola Henderson, Niels H Chavannes, Rok Čivljak, Olubunmi Abiola Olubiyi, Piyush Mahapatra, Rishi Nannan Panday, Sunday O Oriji, Tatiana Erlikh Fox, Victoria Faint, Josip Car

E-healthmonitor 2022: in gesprek met zorgprofessionals en zorggebruikers over de rol van digitale middelen in het verbeteren van de zorg

L van Deursen, E Alblas,  JJ Aardoom, AWM Suijkerbuijk, MJM Wouters, L Standaar, LHD van Tuyl, A Versluis, R van der Vaart

E-healthmonitor 2022. Stand van zaken digitale zorg

R van der Vaart, LHD van Tuyl, A Versluis, MJM Wouters, L van Deursen, L Standaar, JJ Aardoom, EE Alblas, AWM Suijkerbuijk

Digital Coaching Using Smart Inhaler Technology to Improve Asthma Management in Patients With Asthma in Italy: Community-Based Study

Rumi G, Canonica GW, Foster JM, Chavannes NH, Valenti G, Contiguglia R, Rapsomaniki E, Kocks JWH, De Brasi D, Braido F

Prospective Associations of Daily Step Counts and Intensity With Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Incidence and Mortality and All-Cause Mortality

Borja del Pozo Cruz, PhD; Matthew N. Ahmadi, PhD2; I-Min Lee, MBBS, ScD; Emmanuel Stamatakis, PhD

The feasibility of using Apple's ResearchKit for recruitment and data collection: Considerations for mental health research

Leah Bührmann, Tom Van Daele, Alina Rinn, Nele A. J. De Witte, Dirk Lehr, Jiska Joëlle Aardoom, Lisa Loheide-Niesmann, Jan Smit and Heleen Riper

Adherence to an injury prevention program in male amateur football players is affected by players’ age, experience and perceptions

Peter Alexander van de Hoef, Michel S Brink, Jur J Brauers, Maarten van Smeden, Vincent Gouttebarge, Frank J G Backx