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At the National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL) patients, healthcare professionals, consumers, students, scientists, entrepreneurs, organisations and institutions corporate to develop and create successful eHealth-tools.

NeLL is a Dutch initiative with worldwide ambitions, so you can call us WeLL as well (World eHealth Living Lab).

We are NeLL and we creating the future of healthcare.

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NeLL is

The open, independent, knowledge-driven eHealth community in the Netherlands.

The impact of eHealth

eHealth has a huge part in the development of the healthcare- and services of tomorrow. But eHealth can only be implemented successfully if parties cooperate and when eHealth-tools are analysed, tested and optimised thoroughly in cooperation with the end-user.

Our goal

To develop a sustainable, available and affordable healthcare for all of NeLL believes that we need to organise our care smarter and work more efficient.

The NeLL-community

NeLL connects patients, consumers, (healthcare) professionals, scientists, students, organisations and institutions so they are able to create the best eHealth solutions by sharing knowledge, contacts and experiences with each other.

How we do it

NeLL facilitates this network by playing a pro-active role at connecting people and organisations. Members of our community meet each other at events and are updated about all relevant activities in and around our network regarding to eHealth.

By connecting different parties we learn from each other, we get to see new perspectives, we share knowledge, information and inspiration. Together we aim to create the best possible results that have a positive impact on healthcare and the user experience. Would you like to join us and work with us on the future of healthcare? Please submit!

We are NeLL



Charlotte Schmidt, MSc

Coördinator NeLL

Sanne van Luenen, MSc

Scientific Manager

Cherelle de Graaf

Branding and PR

In 2018 we focus on chronical diseases, low literacy and the elderly population. Annually the community chooses three new focus areas, which we make sure of that those subjects -that are often underexposed- will not be forgotten by the development of new eHealth-tools.